We’re Redefining
Waste Services

We developed RTS from the desire to do better.

When RTS Co-Founders, Adam Pasquale and Greg Lettieri, looked at how the waste industry operated, they came to the same conclusion: things needed to change.

Adam Pasquale had seen every side of waste management from his lifetime of experience operating a family-owned collection company. He saw competitors so focused on increasing margins they were cutting corners, breaking promises, and failing their customers. Where was the integrity and commitment to great service?

Greg Lettieri saw the situation through the lens of his previous work in technology innovation at Sprint and Bank of America. When he looked at the waste industry he saw unwieldy businesses operating like dinosaurs. Where was the innovation and disruptive competition?

It was time for a different approach.

In 2015, the two friends opened the doors at Recycle Track Systems – a more efficient, waste-conscious collection service that’s reshaping the industry without owning a single garbage truck.

In our pursuit to be a community-conscious employer and world-class partner to our clients we abide by the following tenets.


Commitment to loyalty, transparency and accountability to our customers, employees and community


Building smarter tools every day to enhance our ability to provide a superior experience one pickup at a time


Showing care for the planet and being conscious of the impact our choices have on our communities