How Our Service Works


Customized Operations Plans

Our onboarding team collaborates on-site with your municipal leaders to conduct an analysis of your current operations, identify opportunities for improvement, create a plan that works for your town or city, and ensure a smooth transition of services.

Tech-Driven Analytics

We partner with local haulers and equip them with our tracking technology. Data is sent to our internal platform in real time so that it can be immediately utilized for scheduling alerts allowing residents and municipal operations to be prepared. Our analytics and reporting system empowers communities to improve operational efficiency and environmental impact.

Customer Support and Education

We take pride in delivering excellent customer service. A service representative will be assigned as your municipal leaders’ internal point of contact. US-based phone support and a personalized internet portal are available for your residents’ service needs. Educational materials are provided to your community covering RTS’s services and sustainability best practices.

Service Offerings

Waste Material

  • Solid waste
  • Recycling
  • Organic composting
  • Yard waste
  • Seasonal and on-demand bulk pickups
  • On-demand e-waste


  • Hauler tracking technology
  • Internal analytics platform
  • Optional residential totes
  • Optional dumpsters for municipal buildings
  • On-demand scheduling app

Sustainability Offerings

  • Resident education
  • Waste stream transparency

    Ask About Our:

  • Waste audits & diversion reports
  • LEED-accredited sustainability consultants
  • Diversion rate improvement

Customer Service

  • On-site service planning and transition team
  • Dedicated service representative
  • US-based customer service team
  • Resident-focused web portal
  • Scheduling and tracking of pickups
  • Consistency in pickups, drivers and routes
  • Partnerships with a local hauler who will service your town or city


“The City of La Porte is committed to exploring new technologies in order to provide optimal services for our citizens. Working with a forward-thinking partner, such as Recycle Track Systems, will enhance our ability to make data-driven decisions and run utilities more effectively for our community.”

— Mayor Mark Krentz, La Porte, IN